Arizona Pest Control Home Series: Pest Control for Your Bathroom

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Ah, some peace, quiet and privacy in the bathroom. Just as your about to turn on the sink to wash the day off your face, you come eyeball to eyeball with a monster cockroach! Not a pleasant way to unwind from the day. Arizona pest control totally understands the home invasion feeling and wants to help you feel at peace in the privacy of your bathroom once again.

Who Else is Sharing Your Bathroom?

The bathroom is an attractive environment for some of the grossest pests you’ll find in your home. The humidity and water sources invite ants, cockroaches, spiders, and silverfish.

Cockroaches in Arizona

The most common household cockroaches you may come across are the German cockroach (a.k.a the indoor roach), the American cockroach (a.k.a the sewer roach), the Turkestan cockroach (a.k.a the outdoor roach) and the Brownbanded cockroach, which also prefers the indoors.  These pests prefer the water that is available in the bathroom, especially near the drains in the bathtub and sink.

These pests are known to carry bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella that can cause very unpleasant symptoms if humans get contaminated.

If you’ve tried your own home cockroach control to no avail, then it may be best to call in the cockroach exterminator to rid the issue once and for all for your health and safety. To prevent cockroaches from landing in your bathroom, keep the area as dry as possible and cover the drains.

Ants in Arizona

It’s amazing the different types of ants there are, 700 to be exact! Arizona is subject to wide variety of them too, but the most common you will find in your bathroom is the carpenter ant. Attracted to the warm and humid environment of the bathroom, carpenter ants particularly like to feast off of wet wood. 

If you’re seeing an influx of ants in your bathroom, it’s time to call your local pest control services to inspect and treat your home right away – these buggers colonize at a fast pace and it’s best for the pros to handle the exterminating before any more damage is done.

Spiders in Your Bathroom

What’s interesting here is that spiders are not particularly fond of the moist environment in your bathroom, just the other insects that are, like silverfish…So, does that mean that you have your own pest control service hanging out in your bathroom who is on the prowl for its next victim? Or do you have a bigger problem than you thought?

Usually home pest control solutions can do the trick, but professional pest control companies can scope out the area to see if there is something more serious going on.

Silverfish Swimming in Your Bathroom

Well here’s food for thought, silverfish are concerned with the mold that may be present in your bathroom, which is part of their diet. They also like the stagnant water found around drains. The best way to prevent silverfish from feasting in your bathroom is to treat the area for mold, clean up stagnant water and to cover drains.

If You Value Your Privacy, Call the Pros for the Best Preventative Pest Control

Patriot Pest & Termite Control [is a leading Arizona pest control company proudly serving Prescott and surrounding areas. We want you to enjoy the comfort of your home without the threat of infestation of disease and bacteria carrying pests.

Call us today so you can rest in the comfort of your home.

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