Arizona Pest Control Home Series: Pest Control for Your Garage

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The garage provides a very convenient place for extra storage of certain items that you may not want in the house like outdoor equipment, tools, camping supplies, or memorabilia you wish to preserve. These items can be of monetary or sentimental value that you prefer to have for safe keeping, that is until you discover that a certain critter has made your storage place its new home or its dinner, depending on the material.

The garage is a vulnerable area of the house that lends itself to more exposure to the outdoor elements considering its door is left open for longer periods of time.  Also, because the garage seems to be a more unprotected area and is often used as a workspace rather than a place of comfort, the insulation and protective barriers used in the home may not be as up to par to prevent these critters from entering.

Patriot Pest Control Services explains which pests you will most likely see in the garage and why

Garages are not lived in like the rest of the house, nor is it kept as clean, which allows for a more undisturbed environment for pests to live in with all their necessities. There ample opportunities for pests to enter into the garage, once they are in, they begin to get nestled and settled in.

Silverfish are attracted to damp and humid areas which may be present if the washing machine or an industrial sink is in the garage. Leaky pipes can create a water source to draw in these critters too. Even be considerate of wet rags and sponges as they can also attract silverfish.

If the garage is where you store boxes of paper, the kids’ schoolwork, magazines, newspapers, books, or anything paper, the silverfish will come slithering in to feast on this material also.

House spiders – With little critters, like silverfish that make their way into the garage, you can expect that house spiders will also have a reason to join the party since silverfish is part of their food chain.

often set up camp in the corners of the garage, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to seek their prey.

With plenty of food to live on, the garage makes a perfect home for the house spider to raise a family. The female house spider has the capacity to lay up to nine egg sacs that may contain 200 eggs in each. House spiders can easily and very quickly become a big, pesky problem.

Arizona Rodents are similar to the silverfish as rats and mice are attracted to cluttered areas and water sources, especially standing water. Of course, with any food stored in the garage or food scraps in the trash, mice and rats have another reason to gain entry into your garage.

Arizona rodents will find cracks in the walls to squeeze through and nest in. They also like storage boxes to get cozy in and, if you keep your car in the garage, they love to snug up to a nice warm engine or to chew on the plastic casing of wiring.

Also, keep in mind that if your garage was infested once before, rodents tend to revisit old stomping grounds. They like to take advantage of any left-over nesting materials to build up their home as well.

A tell-tale sign of a rat or mice infestation is seeing droppings or nest material around the garage. They are also noisy buggers so you may hear them in the walls as well.

Cockroaches may also be meandering through the garage if elements are available similar to what draws the silverfish. Moisture, boxes of paper and food will draw in these nasty creatures, as well as possibly wreak havoc on those with allergies.

Crickets will be drawn to the cool flooring of a garage during the hotter months of the year. They seek shelter in clutter and debris in and around the garage. They hide in the weeds outside the garage and will use any open space to crawl into the garage.

They like clothes and fabrics and will destroy them on contact. They are able to jump so be sure to not store any laundry items in the garage, even in higher places. Crickets also have a fast repopulation rate so if they move in, be quick to inspect the area and to rid your garage of this issue right away. 

Often, if they are making their way into the home, they will start their chirping upon nightfall, a sure tell-tale sign that you have noisy and destructive intruders.

Ground beetles are often found hiding under rocks and stonework. If your front drive is landscaped with such you may be nesting ground beetles. They are a nocturnal insect, being seen mostly at night and are attracted to lights. If any lights are left on in the garage you may find some beetles leaving the comfort of their rock homes to gain access to the heat of the lights.

Flies will take any opportunity possible to enter through an open doorway or window. Home smells will draw them in, especially sweet smells.

Sowbugs, woodlouse, pill bugs or roly polies are creatures that are related to the crustacean family. They thus need moisture to survive. They are often found under rocks that keep the soil wet and cool. They can be nosy and want to enter the house, especially to achieve a damp, humid environment. If a sowbug is found within the garage it most likely means that there is a family living outside the home.

Pest Control Methods to Prevent and Destroy

  • General rule of thumb to prevent attracting bugs into your garage are to keep the area neat and tidy, as de-cluttered as possible. Storing items in plastic containers that are sealed tightly will prevent a better barrier than cardboard boxes.
  • If food is stored in the garage, make sure it is properly sealed, airtight is best.
  • Keep the area dry and moisture free.
  • Seal up any cracks that allow easy access from the outdoors in. Make sure to check the garage door when it is closed to ensure that it is sealed around all the edges.
  • If bringing home any boxes, inspect carefully to make sure there weren’t any hitchhikers that you picked up.

Budget Pest Control Strategies for You to Try

Boric Acid – a home remedy to try to prevent or to kill on contact is boric acid. This is a pretty mild compound that, when digested by insects, it will poison them. It can also be harmful to their health if their bodies come in contact with the substance as well. Boric acid is used as a pesticide for insects, spiders, mites, mold, weeds and other unpleasant growths. It is also safe for the environment and found in many other household items as well, such as laundry detergent and fertilizers.

Boric acid is used in combination with sugar to attract the pests, and with water to dissolve the boric acid powder and the sugar together to create a liquid to be sprayed.

Diatomaceous Earth Powder – Another popular product that is getting much attention lately is the diatomaceous earth (DE) powder. This is a natural product made from fossilized remains of tiny aquatic sea creatures known as diatoms, hence the name. This is a natural pesticide used to defend against bed bugs, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, ticks, spiders, beetles and other critters.

DE can be applied in powder form directly to areas where pests are likely to cross. It is also safe to apply to ground areas outside the home to protect the foundation, though it must be reapplied after rain or snow.

Keep it Dry

Investing in a dehumidifier is a wise idea if your garage tends to collect moisture. Another preventative pest control method is to also remove the clutter from the exterior of the home. Fallen leaves, branches and other items can collect water and keep the area moist, which attracts many of the pests listed above. Any areas of standing water such as near leaking drain spouts or dripping air conditioning units will all attract these critters.

The Pest Control Professionals Are Always Here for the Most Effective Exterminating Services

If the home budget pest control methods aren’t cutting it for you, or you are too grossed out to deal with an infestation of pests on your own, your local pest control company is eagerly waiting your phone call to save the day.

Patriot Pest and Termite Control is a local pest control and exterminating company in Prescott, AZ. They know the Quad City area extremely well and employ highly qualified, trained and insured technician to thoroughly take care of any pest infestation using eco-safe products for family and the environment.

We are happily at your service to provide peace of mind, health and safety for you and family, working for homes and commercial businesses.

Call us today to schedule a complete pest inspection.

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