Your Guide to Spring’s Critters in Arizona with a Home Pest Inspection

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Ah! Welcome to Spring! The change in the seasons is welcomed in Arizona as the weather turns a little warmer, the days are longer, fresh air breezing through the open windows and…BUGS!

As the weather gets warmer, not only do we emerge from our hibernation, but our local pesky critters start becoming more active too. So, maybe the only downside to the Spring, besides allergies, would be the possible invasion of these insects.  

How do you make this Spring as peaceful as can be while being on guard for ants, bees, termites, spiders and Arizona rodents?

What Nasty Intruders May You Possibly Find in Your Home This Season?

With the temperature increasing to an average of 59 to 74 degrees through May this Spring, Prescott, located in the Central Highlands, is subject to see an array of bugs creeping in and around exposed cracks in exterior walls, around plumbing features, electrical ports and around the foundation. Unfortunately, bugs don’t always use the front door and don’t have to rely on windows left open, they are sneakier and smaller to creep in, never being seen.

What You May Find During Your Own Pest Inspection

Your home is likely to be visited by spiders, ants, crickets and possibly scorpions. Wasps and bees in Arizona are also starting to come back to life as vegetation starts to pollinate. And, take a look around your windows to see if there are tiny insects flying around and wings left behind. This is your first sign of termites and termites in Arizona houses are more common than you think.

Arizona Rodents in the Spring

There are a few types of rodents in Arizona that become more rampant this time of year as well, including skunks and gophers. Cute yes, but also destructive to your property and gardens. Gophers especially can chew your plants and trees and dig holes throughout your yard, damaging the integrity of the ground.

Here is Your First Line of Defense for Pest Protection

First, remove all debris and clutter from the perimeter of your home to remove critters’ and rodents’ favorite places to set up camp.

  • Scorpions and bees like to nest in these environments.
  • If a bee hive is spotted, it is highly recommended to call a bee exterminator to safely rid these aggressive swarmers.
  • Look around for destruction to your landscape, including holes or be on the lookout for rodent scat.

Next, conduct your own home pest inspection. Inspect the exterior of your home, from the foundation to around clapboards, electrical outlets, where wood meets cement, and around window sills. A clear sign of termites is around the foundation where you may see what look like little tubes that termites build to create their perfect environment.

  • At first sign of termites, applying a termite treatment is highly advised.

Then, take the home inspection inside to test the walls and flooring. Spongy floors and hollow walls can be a sign of hungry termites or munching carpenter ants.

All-in-All, Call the Pros to Get their Expert Pest Inspection Services

To play it all safe and for a complete piece of mind, calling on the pros is the most effective and efficient way to safeguard your home from pests. Preventative pest control is the safest bet to keep them from even stepping foot in your home in the first place. With a trained eye and knowledge on habits and signs, a qualified Arizona pest control professional will get the job done right.

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