Know the Importance of Background Checks for Pest Control Techs in Your House

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Patriot Pest & Termite Control considers it extremely important to inform their customers, potential customers and the public in general of the risk they could be taking by hiring companies who have technicians working in your home who have not undergone a background check and drug screen. There is much liability on the company and a risk to the homeowner if a felon, sex offender, or someone on drugs is working in or around your home, property and family. 

Homes have been burglarized before by illegitimate workers as well, posing to be with an exterminating company, home security, contractors etc. and have taken advantage of being welcomed into an unsuspecting paying customer’s home.

Patriot Pest wants to share this information to empower customers to ask the right questions to make sure the technicians having access to their home are well qualified to be there.

The Hiring Process of Pest Control Companies

A credible pest control company should make it a priority to perform a background check on all individuals they are considering for hire. The background check of the individual must be legally compliant and abide by the requirements of the state laws. To fully protect the company, other employees and the customers, background checks should be comprehensive to the point of checking criminal history, sex offender registrations, employment history, and other areas.

Employee Drugs Screens for Pest Control Techs are a Must

A drug screen before hire and performed randomly are wise precautions as exterminating companies want to ensure their technicians are fully capable of performing an accurate and up-to-par job. More importantly the safety of the employee and the homeowners needs to be priority, especially if hazardous chemicals or any type of equipment is being used.

In the event an incident or accident were to occur, screening the employees involved should be completed, or if there is reasonable suspicion to test. This is a managerial practice that should most definitely be employed by pest control service companies.

The Responsibility of the Pest Control Services Company

As with any reputable pest control company, a responsibility is placed on the establishment to protect their clients and their property from any possible risk of burglary, unethical workmanship, harm or injury due to improper hiring practices that have overlooked these important safety factors.

Pest World Magazine wrote a brief on the importance of screening potential hires if they were to be expected to drive for the company. The article states that the Department of Transportation also requires companies who have employee-driven company vehicles to verify that they have had a minimum of at least three years of past employment history. Verification would include checking employment dates, positions that were attained, where their driving territory was, if any accidents occurred or tickets accrued, and of course the results of a background check and drug screening.

Patriot Pest & Termite Control Protects Your Home from Pests and Unlawful Employees

Patriot Pest Control, Prescott AZ, takes the safety of their customers extremely seriously. It is mandatory for every potential hire to undergo a background check to ensure there is nothing in their background that would make them a threat or danger to or possibly place their customers in harms way.

Patriot Pest will also identify the technician who is expected to service the home and that s/he is dressed in the company uniform.  

The management team at Patriot Pest highly recommend that with any service company coming to your house that you make sure the technician has passed a background check.

For more information or question please give us a call, we are happy to assist you!

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