Seasonal Guide for Arizona Pest Control: Issue May/June

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The temperatures are rising, and the forecast is calling for more wet weather. What creepy crawlies have your started to notice in your home as the weather is changing?

During the month of May in Prescott you will start to notice an increase in temperature than what was experienced in April, almost a 10-degree increase.  With this, as the weather typically starts to dry out and reaches into the 80’s by June, be on the lookout for more house guests that weren’t invited.

Spiders, cockroaches and ants are coming out of the woodwork

These critters are in search of food and a cozy, cooler shelter. How is your home welcoming them in?


Long-bodied cellar spiders (they are almost transparent with long legs), hobo spiders, wolf spiders, and house spiders are most common in the Prescott area. Black widows have also been spotted as well. An effective budget pest control method to prevent spiders in the home is to seal up any cracks that allow outside invaders in.

It is common to see a couple spiders in the home, though if you’re seeing more than your fair share or what you are comfortable with, searching for pest control near me may be your next action to protect your home and family. Some spiders do bite, so for your peace of mind calling the best pest control near me would be wise.

If you spot a black widow spider, call a professional spider exterminator right away to rid your home of the issue and for a proper home inspection to ensure no others have set up camp.


American cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches and German cockroaches are most common in Arizona. You may see these insects scurry across your floor as your getting ready for bed at night since they are more active at night and like the dark.

Signs of an infestation could be seeing droppings where they are hiding which look similar to mouse droppings, or easily confused as. They can leave egg shells behind appliances, laundry rooms, garages, bathrooms, and basements. Also, with an infestation, they may also leave a musty smell.

The most effective pest control service to rid your home of these gross pesties is to call your local Arizona pest control. The peace of mind is so worth it!!

Ants in Arizona

Memorial Day is fast approaching, but ants aren’t only available to spoil a good picnic, they are brazen enough to galivant through your home looking for good eats.

Another area of concern though is the Fire Ants. These have been spotted more recently with the warmer weather. This species of ants typically nest underground near foundations, under trees, bushes, and dirt piles. They are also attracted to electrical boxes and HVAC units, which can also be common entry points into the home. Usually these nests are trampled upon by accident and are quickly noticed when they start to bite with their pinchers, which can leave red, irritated welts on the skin.

Fire ants can be treated with home pest control methods, though they are likely to reappear the next season. Calling the pros to eliminate the issue is your best bet.

Preventative pest Control is Your Best Option

Get prepared for another season of pests that are starting to make themselves known.

Call the local, trusted, licensed and experienced Arizona pest control – Patriot Pest – today to get the peace of mind you deserve with a pest free home!

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