Why Raid is Not Reliable Pest Control for Ants

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Readers of the Patriot Pest Control blog, we have an important news announcement that needs to be shared and spread like wildfire because this is big…

Home insecticides used to kill ants on contact do not work for ridding you of your ant problem, it will actually make the problem way worse!

Let us explain the phenomenon of Arizona ants

The most common and well-known store-bought ant defense spray is Raid. We know that Arizona ants can run rampant and they are seen everywhere. When ants are found crawling inside your home it is natural to run to the store to buy the easiest and cheapest line of weaponry possible to destroy those critters.

There is a sense of relief knowing that all perimeters of the house have been sprayed, like an invisible barrier where you are safe inside protected from the intruders. You may have even found the actual colony, the main source of your problem, and you douse the ant nest in victory.  

We are here to shed some light on this home defense method which may come as a shock and a disappointment to you.

What is actually happening when you use Raid a home pest control method

When Raid is applied to create a massacre effect on the ant family living in your house, you may experience some relief from the problem for a little bit, not seeing ants for maybe a couple of weeks, but…

behind the scenes, in an underground movement, the colony plans the rebuilding of its regime.

The queen ant recognizes that her worker ants have stopped bringing food back to the nest, they’ve stopped coming back completely. She feels threatened and starts to get strategic as she plans the reconstruction of her next colony, or should we say colonies.

The queen ant starts the reproduction of more ants to start rebuilding what was destroyed, but this time she will reproduce more ants than before. Also, instead of just one colony, she gets smart and instructs the new crew of ants to split up the colony into multiple colonies. The purpose of multiple colonies is to evade another genocide. 

So, what seemed like a permanent solution providing peace and cleanliness within your home, actually backfired. Now instead of hanging out only in the kitchen, you may see ants in the bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas of the house.

Other issues with using Raid and other aerosol ant exterminators

There are some health risks involved when using a home fumigation method, like Raid, meaning the insecticide gives off fumes which are released into the air and breathed in.

Raid is marketed as a safe product to use in the home with pets and children when applied according to the directions. As listed on their website, directions for safe application advise that children and pets be outside and are safe to return inside when the product dries. Keeping the area well ventilated and instructing the user to not breathe in the fumes of the products is also advised.

Though, there is potential harm that could unintentionally occur in the process of application.

The EPA warns that the use of indoor pest control treatments that are fumigated could result in:

  • Irritation to in the eyes, nose and throat
  • Damaging the central nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord
  • Damage to the kidneys
  • Increasing the risk of cancer

The EPA also lists this valuable information on their website:

[A] study suggests that 80 percent of most people’s exposure to insecticides occurs indoors and that measurable levels of up to a dozen insecticides have been found in the air inside homes.”

Store-bought insecticides containing the two active ingredients cypermethrin and imiprothrin, are known to cause adverse reactions in the body, affecting the health of those exposed.

Cypermethrin can trigger asthma attacks to those who are sensitive, as well as pneumonitis and pulmonary edema.

Imiprothrin may cause headaches, dizziness, airway irritation, and in rare cases respiratory paralysis and cardiac arrest.

Protect Your Health and Your Family with Economically Friendly and Natural Pest Control

It is becoming more and more mainstream to start turning to more natural, safer and economically friendly products to protect the health of individuals and their family. Trusting your home to the care of a professional preventative pest control company will provide much more effective and safer options to treat your ant problem, getting to the root of the problem and ridding your home of the insects in a more definitive manner.

Qualified, certified and licensed pest control service companies should review all the treatment options with you prior to application to ensure that the products are safe for pets, children and you. Home exterminators do not use a fumigation method, so the chemicals are not dispersed in the air. Your technician should go over with you the proper protocol for staying safe as well as keeping the treatment effective once complete. 

Hiring a professional and credible pest control company will also ensure that the ant issue is properly handled, without creating a bigger problem. Ant exterminator techs are well versed with ant infestations and can set your mind at ease with their treatment approach.

Patriot Pest & Termite Control Loyally Serves Prescott with Eco Friendly Pest Control Products

Patriot Pest Control puts you and your family’s well being first when they treat your home for pests and insects. They do a thorough pest inspection and create an extensive treatment plan to ensure your home is and stays pest free.  When ants are the issue, the best pest control is from your local exterminators in Prescott.

If you are seeing an influx of ants in your home, give us a call before reaching for the can of Raid. We guarantee a better, safer, more effective and longer-term solution to your ant problem.

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